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Understanding Eco-parenting.


Parenting is the project! There are sleepless nights when you are a parent to the little munchkin.

It’s totally up to us how we surround our little ones with. It doesn’t matter in which locality you are living in, you can oomph up your inner activist by indulging in eco-parenting.

At the core of eco-parenting, it is the choice. The choice you can take to say no to some things which aren’t good for nature. Social media has generated another level of hype regarding the same thing. So, you do it for your social media or just because you love and believe in it. Both attitudes will serve the environment around you. Start small! You may fall in love with eco-parenting.


What is Eco-parenting?

If you have been the one to use lots of climate change hashtags and if the tea talks generally consist of how eco-friendly you are. If you are not the one who bursts the firecrackers, then you are already a step closer to practice eco-parenting. In short, eco-parenting happens to be a new way of parenting which is generally chosen by parents who care about the environment.


One can live simply and start on the journey of eco parenting. It is all about simplicity.


What you can do to start with it?

  • Minimize plastic: Everyone knows by now that plastic is harmful. Bringing the plastic usage at the least degree is something you can start considering. If you have a toddler you may consider eliminating the toys which are made up of plastic. Also, most conventional disposable diapers have the outer waterproof layer made out of petroleum based plastic or plastic treated materials. Go in for an eco-friendly alternative, or cloth diapers.
  • Unprocessed chemical-free food: Eat healthy! Whatever you consume make sure it is chemical-free and organic.
  • Eliminate pesticides: The pesticides are trouble creators if they enter into the human body. Make sure you take steps towards eliminating pesticides and instead use more ecological options.
  • Vegan skincare products: Let the personal care brands on your shelf reflect your eco-approach. Opt for vegan and cruelty-free products. There are a lot of brands which offer organic skincare and lifestyle care products. You’ll find your favorite.
  • Spend time with nature: The most important event of your child’s life where he/she will pluck lots of experiences which will allow him to flourish later. Be a parent who takes your Jr. on hikes, seashore, parks, etc.


You can take your eco-parenting journey an inch further by eliminating the technology from an early age of your child. At a very young age, television kills the imagination. Let the little sweethearts connect around.

The carcinogenic properties of lots of chemicals made products disturb the hormone cycles and create havoc in the endocrine glands. No one wants that to happen.

So, choose eco-parenting and go green.


Vrushali Khadilkar – For Parvarishh


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