kid 2408610 1920 This is quite true in most instances, kids hate organics. Just imagine how kids so hate vegetables and you know right then, how difficult and hardheaded they can be. Every time their mother is cooking them vegetables, they would just have a glimpse of their plates and would say" I am not yet starving mum. I think I don't have to eat that grass" or perhaps, "I am still full. I think I'm gonna go for some juice." With that, you already know they don't like to eat it. What's the best thing to do with this? It's fairly simple.


How to stay healthy is one thing you as parents should be teaching your child. As often said, everything starts at home. Everything either bad or good exists because you taught your child those things. And, it can be a shame, if people would see undesirable manifestation from your child especially if it is with regards to their health. You see as parents, it is our responsibility to keep them in track of what’s the right thing to do and perhaps, the right foods to eat. So, back home, I usually don’t allow my children even when they were still kids, for most of them are adults now, to eat whatever they like. Most of the times I am the authority, and would always be in charge as to whatever it is they would like to eat. “No candies and cakes after midnight. No chocolates and no ice creams when you fail in any subject.” Well, I often imposed those things on them. And, I didn’t just stop right there, I usually posed those rules on their walls especially when they have done something bad. Also, I made it a point to their mother as well, “cook something delicious for tonight.” Right then, my wife already knew what she’d be cooking for dinner that they’d surely hate. With this, I must admit as a father, I was kind of strict with that. And, I am doing this for a purpose and for a good cause. Of course, I don’t want them to be picky. I want them to learn to accept and be grateful with the things that are being served to them.

This is quite true in most instances, kids hate organics. Just imagine how kids so hate vegetables and you know right then, how difficult and hardheaded they can be. Every time their mother is cooking them vegetables, they would just have a glimpse of their plates and would say” I am not yet starving mum. I think I don’t have to eat that grass” or perhaps, “I am still full. I think I’m gonna go for some juice.” With that, you already know they don’t like to eat it. What’s the best thing to do with this? It’s fairly simple.

Kids will always be kids. I agree to this. If they don’t want to eat something, they will surely not eat it. However, that depends upon the upbringing. At a very young age, maybe at 3 years , start teaching your children about being healthy. Teach them healthy tips with great emphasis on their importance and the right foods to eat to stay healthy. Of course, you should live by the rules too and show and practice eating healthy back home. You see, I believe everything can be taught including the cravings of your stomach. Once you teach your child to get used to eating healthy, they will be carrying that until they grow up.

Now, being healthy doesn’t mean that you only have to eat healthy. The process consists of various ways. And, exercise is one among them. At a young age, you can teach your children how to exercise. Perhaps, bring them with you if you jog or take a walk at the park, these alone are forms of exercise. However, don’t allow your kids to do weight lifting. They aren’t strong enough to do such exercises. Just provide them with the basic forms and tell them your reasons why they shouldn’t or cannot do the thing. The reason why some children become hardheaded is when parents often fail to give reasons to their children, thinking that they will not understand and they are too young for logical reasoning. This shouldn’t be. In my case, I have four boys and a girl and I started providing them good reasons even when they were still toddlers. It didn’t bring them any harm at all. In fact, the more I have provided them with a certain level of logical reasoning, the smarter they have become. Remember, the brain is just a machine. If you don’t exert effort to make it work, it will not function well. And, the more you use it, the greater functionality it can give you.

Of course, keep them away from corrupting things. Television and the internet usage are among these things. And, they are not healthy to your children. However, I am not saying that you should be removing their privilege to watch and use such things. Perhaps, allow them that occasionally. You can have it in a form of a reward every time they have done something great in school like getting high grades or perhaps winning a quiz bee. With this, you definitely have taught your children the value of hard work also.

Let them play under the heat of the sun. One aspect that helps in the children’s growth and mental development is playing. When you allow them some time to play, you are actually providing them the chance to meet a few people and other children. With this, they will learn to socialize and how it is to mingle with kids like them. They can actually socialize in school, but it’s actually different from socializing while playing. In school, they have to follow rules and they are there to learn. In playing, they can make their own rules. So, it’s definitely a different thing. But of course, you shouldn’t be at ease at any time. Every now and then, you should take a look at what they are doing. There are also times when the other kids can become naughty and they may influence your kids. So, watch out.

Apart from the things I have mentioned, there are surely more and I know all parents also have their own way of handling different situations. And, my ways are just a few of the basic ones.


Ian Knabel

Parent of 5 Children from 25 to 9


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